Evo. G Tech Team Community Code of Conduct
We believe in the power of people.


Evo. G Tech Team provides a variety of shared spaces for members of the community, including the forums, user groups and community pages available on evogtechteam.com/our-community, real life events, and the offering known as Evo. G Tech Team Public (“Evo. G Tech Team Community Spaces”). The Evo. G Tech Team community is full of smart people from a diverse range of backgrounds, and we want to ensure it remains a welcoming and safe environment for all who wish to be a part of it.

Whenever we come together as a community, our shared Evo. G Tech Team Community Spaces are opportunities to showcase the best of what we can be. We are here to support our peers – to build each other up, to learn from each other’s successes, and to encourage each other to become the Evo. G Tech Team users they want to be.

As a member of the Evo. G Tech Team community you agree to follow this Code of Conduct, which is a part of the Terms of Service. In particular, you agree to the following when using Evo. G Tech Team Community Spaces:

Be kind.

The Evo. G Tech Team community is dedicated to providing a harassment-free environment both at in-person events and in online spaces, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or age. We do not tolerate hateful, abusive, unlawful or offensive content or harassment in any form.

Treat others with respect.

Everyone deserves to feel welcome. Do not insult or put down other members of the Evo. G Tech Team Community. Start by assuming positive intent and seek understanding if something doesn’t seem right.

Give credit where credit is due.

Collective learning is at the core of what we do. Assign attribution to others’ work when what they’ve done has helped in some way, or whenever you use or refer to it. And, always give thanks. Do not represent someone else’s work or words as your own.

Search for understanding.

We can’t agree all the time – and that’s okay. We expect Evo. G Tech Team community members to address disagreements and conflicting views constructively.

Share your knowledge and ask questions.

This is your opportunity to make an impact. We were all new once. Whether you are a novice or experienced user, there are those you can learn from and those you can teach.

We are invested in a healthy community for everyone and any violations of this Code of Conduct will be taken seriously. If a community member engages in harassing behavior Evo. G Tech Team may take action as follows:

For in-person events:

Anyone violating this Code of Conduct at community events may be asked to leave the event at the sole discretion of Evo. G Tech Team or its designated organizers. Evo. G Tech Team may also prohibit your participation in future events or other Evo. G Tech Team Community spaces.

For online spaces:

Evo. G Tech Team reserves the right to investigate anyone allegedly violating this Code of Conduct in any online Evo. G Tech Team Community Space and if a violation is determined to have occurred, may take whatever action Evo. G Tech Team determines, in its sole discretion, is appropriate, including, without limitation, providing warnings, editing or removing offending content, suspending access, and/or disabling access.

This Code of Conduct applies to Evo. G Tech Team Community Spaces, but if you are being harassed by a member of the community outside our spaces, including but not limited interactions on social media channels, we still want to know about it. We will take all reports of harassment by Evo. G Tech Team community members seriously.

If you notice behavior that you find questionable feel free to provide guidance in a constructive way. To report inappropriate behavior or content please contact [email protected].